What our territory offers


The B&B Casa de’ Flumeri is located in Calolziocorte, in a quiet and peaceful location of the town, easily accessible and close to essential services. Calolziocorte is really close to Lecco, Bergamo and it is well connected with Milan. Calolziocorte is a lake/river town with mountains behind it (such as the Resegone), and in front there is the Adda river, the emissary of the Como Lake. Calolziocorte is the last town of the San Martino valley, on the old boundary between the Serenissima and the Duchy of Milan, presents a varied nature and contains important historical and artistic presence, offering the opportunity for many excursions lasting few hours or a day with different degrees of difficulty.

The San Martino valley and the Adda river

In Lavello hamlet there is the ancient complex monastery of Padri Serviti, restored in early 2000, which represents one of the most important historical and artistical sites of the area. The riverside of the Adda river is ideal for relaxing walks or bike rides of varying duration on the bike path that runs along the entire embankment and connects directly Lecco with Paderno lasting up to Milan. The track, well-drawn and easy practicability, in Calolziocorte crosses the river on the old railway bridge and continues following the river by approaching to relevant ornithological and natural oasis. Also the ferry of Leonardo da Vinci still functioning and many old hydropower plants on its shores deserves attention. A bike sharing service lets you make use of bicycles for personal use for excursions on the bike path, but, if wishable wish, it is possible to navigate a stretch of river with the Addarella boat. From Calolziocorte and its surrounding towns there are many paths leading to the mountains above it: the Resegone, Grigna, Valcava and Monte Tesoro. Here, there are very interesting tours, with different lengths, often feasible by families. Not far away there is the Vercurago town where, in the hamlet of Somasca, on a spur of rock dominating the lake, river and surrounding hills, there are the ancient remains of a fortified military protection, known as the Innominato’s Castle. The excursion permits to reach this place of natural beauty and historical and literary memories merging with the Holy Mount erected in memory of the sixteenth-century figure of St. Jerome Emiliani, founder of the Somaschi Fathers.

Lecco among lakes and mountains

Calolziocorte is just 6km away from Lecco, the provincial capital city, nestled between the famous and picturesque mountains Grigne and Resegone and the eastern branch of Lake Como. Manzoni city par excellence, here Alessandro Manzoni spent much of his youth in the villa of Caleotto, now it is a house-museum visitors. Departing from Lecco it is possible to arrange a day sailing on the lake looking at its water and its unspoilt shores dominated by lush vegetation, luxurious mansions and small towns of rare beauty where tourism, history, art and nature blend harmoniously. If you want to enjoy a day at the foot of the Resegone, a cableway can take you to Piani d’Erna in just 5 minutes. The area offers many opportunities for hiking, breathtaking views, mountain huts. There is also an adventure park with trails on the trees, rope bridges and climbing for the entertainment of children.

The eastern shore of the lake

Very interesting is the road which starts from Lecco along the eastern shore of the lake. Immediately after Abbadia there is Mandello del Lario, at the foot of the northern Grigna, with its important factory of Moto Guzzi, opened in 1921, is now possible to visit it. Continuing on the same road, there is Varenna, a typical village between lake and mountain, crossed by stairs and narrow passages. A steep trail leads from the castle of Vezio Varenna, place with a marvelous view of the town and the lake. Nearby, there is Villa Monastero, a thirteenth-century convent, transformed into a patrician residence and surrounded by beautiful gardens, provides to the visitor unforgettable moments. If desired, it is possible to take the ferry to Bellagio, the pearl of the Como Lake, on the end of the promontory which divides into two branches the lake. If you want to continue down the road, in Bellano you can not miss to visit the Orrido, a deep canyon full of mysterious gorges. The hike can take the whole day continuing up to Colico, where there is the Piona Abbey, an extraordinary witness of faith, art and nature.


From Lecco, a few kilometers comfortable road goes up to Ballabio, start of Valsassina, a plateau that extends in large grasslands interrupted by rolling hills where you embed many tourism-oriented countries. Bounded by the majestic Grigne west and east by the foothills of Bergamo, the Valsassina grows almost parallel to the eastern branch of Lake Como and has no outlet to the north on the coast of the lake from Colico to Dorio and south between the slopes of Grignetta. Valsassina offers many opportunities for wonderful walks to suit everyone on the numerous trails of varying difficulty, totally immersed in nature, branch off from different countries (Introbio, Cremeno, Margno, Premana, Mortlake, the smallest town in Italy, …) and allow you to reach the many huts scattered in the mountains that border the valley.

The neighboring towns

Bergamo and Como away from Calolziocorte just thirty kilometers worth a visit for their urban architectural and historical attractions and due to the many shopping opportunities that offered . Milan EXPO 2015 is fifty kilometers away and it is easily accessible by car or by train on the line Lecco-Milan, comfortable and well served with trains running with frequent daily. For any information please visit our website or contact us. We will be happy to help you spend most of your stay at our B&B.